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The Woman Who Married A Cloud: The Collected Short Stories (2012)

by Jonathan Carroll(Favorite Author)
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1596064943 (ISBN13: 9781596064942)
Subterranean Press
review 1: I have always been very fond of this author. Man can turn a phrase & plays with a lot of fun ideas. While saying that, I should mention I always felt dissatisfied by the endings of his novels. It always felt like he wanted more of his own characters but needed to "wrap up" each book. Many if his characters show up elsewhere and I've often had the sensation of glad familiarity like a friend you see every 2-4 years but fall back in rhythm with right away. This book of collected short works is a whopper and I hope this format lends itself to more rapid fire satisfaction.
review 2: This HUGE book took me forever to read, partly because I originally had a physical copy and its sheer bulk made it impossible to tote around with me. Another reason this was a slow read
... more for me is that I'm not a huge fan of short stories - it often seems as though just as I get immersed in a story's world and characters the piece ends and I feel irritated. Other times, I just don't get the point of a story (I call these stories-that-make-me-say-"huh" ). However, I'm happy to say that most of Jonathan Carroll's short stores to not make me say "huh", and that they're worth reading even when I would have preferred them to be longer. I've always felt that one of Carroll's greatest talents is for naming (characters, places, novels, etc.) and that really shines in this collection. The only downside is that some of the stories didn't live up to their intriguing titles. less
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not bad. mix of short stories. worth it. as can read at whim and no need to rush through.
Some of the stories were excellent...a couple were too similar to earlier work.
Wow! What a collection of great stories! Please read them!
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