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Till Death Do Us Bark (2011)

by Judi McCoy(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 5
0451234359 (ISBN13: 9780451234353)
Dog Walker Mysteries
review 1: Ellie Engleman is a dogwalker in New York City with a special talent, she can hear what the dogs are saying. She and her yorkipoo Rudy are getting the opportunity to head for the Hampton's and the beach for the weekend with her best friend Viv and her terrier (that's Mr. T to you) for the wedding of Viv's sister. Dogs are also invited to the festivities, which ought to liven everything up. When Ellie and Viv arrive they find that the wedding planner quit suddenly and that not everything is going as planned. There's a murder before the I do's, sending Eliie and Rudy off to find the killer before the entire wedding party is in jeopardy. I love this series and I was saddened when I heard that Judi McCoy died, I'll miss reading about Ellie, Viv, Sam, the dogs, and all the othe... morer characters.
review 2: I enjoyed the change of venue this book presented. Our dog walking heroine managed to combine being "on vacation" and still help out her friends, though maybe she wasn't as adept at solving the puzzle as she might have been. I enjoyed the difference in location, addition of peripheral characters, and found Myron, the African Grey, quite entertaining (he was also a helpful witness, for those of us who bothered to listen rather than being annoyed at his input). Ellie Engleman has hit her stride and is gaining confidence and a better sense of self. I like it that Viv's character is more fleshed out of late, too. less
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Another cute on in this series. It wasn't who I thought, but I was close. :-)
I love this series!
very unusual
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