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The Gallows Curse (2011)

by Karen Maitland(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
071815634X (ISBN13: 9780718156343)
Michael Joseph
review 1: This is the first Karen Maitland book I have read so maybe I disliked it as I was not expecting it to be what it was but I just did not really enjoy this book. The plot is good and the characters are well developed and some of them believable and likeable and yes the description and narrative is done extremely well so it feels like you are actually in the middle ages. However I felt that there was an extra element missing and some of it was just too far fetched and predictable. Would I recommend this, unfortunately the answer is no.
review 2: This was a horrible story. I have read this author's other 2 books and enjoyed the historical fiction. I just did not like this. I saw no point to having a mandrake as a narrator, those parts didn't add to the story. I
... more didn't like that most of the story was realistic but there were weird supernatural elements. I didn't like how horribly some of the characters treated others for no apparent cause. Just hated this. It was only because of the prior books I'd read by Maitland and the hope for a happy ending that I didn't stop reading this one. But the ending was again totally unfair & imaginary so I'm bitter about it. less
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brilliantly written dark medievil murder/magic mystery,exciting from start to finish
Another excellent book. Maitland is queen of the clever twisty ending.
2.5 stars.
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