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The Falcons Of Fire And Ice (2012)

by Karen Maitland(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 3
0141956895 (ISBN13: 9780141956893)
Michael Joseph
review 1: This was different from the other Karen Maitland books I have read, but I really liked it. Just as dark as the others, with a little twist towards the end I did not even consider, so it was a surprise. Much more openly paranormal and supernatural, with a different time period, this time 1564 Portugal and Iceland. Most of the action takes place in Iceland and the description of the barren landscape is wonderful (though I remember it a lot greener than described here). This book actually seems to have been written when Maitland was in a less gloomy mood, even though the ending leaves some questions yet to be answered and lots of people, as usual, end up dead, but it is quite a bit less depressing than her other books.
review 2: This was my first Maitland book, an
... mored I was really pleased with the introduction. This story creatively blends historical fact and fantasy with a touch of supernatural thrill thrown in for good measure. I like how the author split the story between three unique voices, and her narrative drawing disparate characters together across oceans was creatively done. Although I felt that the story stumbled a bit upon arrival in Iceland, the pace quickly picked back up once the quest was firmly established. I have been to Iceland and am somewhat familiar with the basics of Norse mythology. But this book has reignited my interest in Icelandic myths and folklore and I now plan on reading deeper in this vein. This is a quality standalone story for lovers of historical fiction, and from what I know of the author's other books based on recommendations from friends, a strong introduction to this author. Recommended! less
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A really good book in itself, but compared to the others I believe it to be somewhat weaker.
nice book. :) lots of suspense, mystery and adventure with a historical background!
Another dark, chilling adventure tale in true Karen Maitland style.
Wonderful story with interesting unexpected turns.
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