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Thirteen (2012)

by Kelley Armstrong(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 5
0525952837 (ISBN13: 9780525952831)
Penguin Group USA / Dutton
Women of the Otherworld
review 1: Lots of running around in this one. So much time was spent changing locations and team members (maybe in an effort to get everyone involved in the big finale) that sometimes I didn't even know where they were and who was with them. The pace felt frantic, but in a disjointed way, not in a can't put it down way. I like this world and most of these characters so I still liked the book but for me this final Savannah trilogy were the weakest of the series.
review 2: When I started this series I wasn't quit sure where it would end up taking me. Now, after completing Kelley Armstong's final Otherworld novel, I could not have wished for a better journey. These books have taken me father than any novel ever has. It created a world within my world that was o relevant
... moreand realistic I found my self referencing it in daily life. There were certain locations I would pass or here get mention and I would immediately think of its relevance to the book. I was so happy with the conclusion of this series I could have asked for nothing better. It was perfect, it began perfect and ended perfectly. One thing I have to add is that Kelley her self has come so far in the writing of her novels. This story really was the peak of her career and I can;t wait to see what else she'll come up with in the future. For now however, I'll cling to the story I know and never let go of the characters that have touched my life all these years. Thank you Kelley Armstrong, again, for giving me a world in which I am always welcomed to escape to. less
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That was a disappointing conclusion to a rad series. Sigh.
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