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Something Deadly This Way Comes (2011)

by Kim Harrison(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 1
006171819X (ISBN13: 9780061718199)
HarperCollins Canada / Other
Madison Avery Trilogy
review 1: Madison Avery the new "dark" timekeeper, doesn't want to be dark, but them again she now doesn't want to light, so she is out to change the rules of the game. She is joined by her boyfriend Josh, some reapers that might be dark, or might be light, or maybe they have turned grim but still they seem to believe that she can change things and are willing to help.Then Madison figures out how she might get her body back, that is alive again, not as a living ghost. But should she or will it cause unforeseen trouble. Shuch a difficult decision, and yet, is it? But, would having the one thing in the world that she wants most also mean giving up everything she has been working so hard to change?Quick, fun read but worth it as it is an interesting story line.
review 2: W
... moreell, I like the characters better now. The plot is getting better. The characters are getting stronger. Madison is getting less annoying. Barnabus is still hot. Nakita is interesting. Grace is still funny. She gets her body back and seraphs are cute when they are amused. Tammy is a bit of a pain in the ass though. Sidenote: the Blackwings eating Tammy totally made me think of that scene in "Ghost" when the bad guy gets eaten. less
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Glad I read it! It definitely had a good ending, and a good message.
Loved it!! I hope there's going to be more in this series!!
Perfect way to end the series!
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