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Butterflies (2013)

by K.J. Charles(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 2
The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal
review 1: ButterfliesORThe Curious Case of OH MY GOD HE DIED HOW?With a title like 'Butterflies,' I was expecting something fluffy and romantic and a little bit worthy of eye rolls. That is not this story.This short story is a fantasy urban mystery. It is not fluffy or sweet, though it is intriguing, fun, and displays a complex and fascinating relationship between the main characters. Looking forward to more of these characters from KJ Charles.
review 2: Another outing for a great pair of characters from this author. Simon the ghost hunter, and Robert who had a brief encounter with him in the first story, are now brought together again in the pursuit of paranormal evil. I would love to see a longer story about these two someday. Simon has a bitter edge, and Robert is h
... moreis ideal foil; they work well off each other. There is sexual tension, creepy death, and we learn a little more about both men. Well done. less
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Great short story. A new case reunites the two characters and it is pretty weird.
So so good, so so short. *sigh*
Enjoyable short story sequel.
4 Mysterious M/M stars
Rating 4.25
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