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The Caldwell Ghost (2013)

by K.J. Charles(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 3
Torquere Press
The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal
review 1: Very hot, quite smoldering in fact, and introduces us to an intriguing Victorian paranormal setting, and two sexy protagonists. However, this is simply way too short to do the job properly; everything, the ghost plot, the narrator, relationship, sex, all felt shortchanged. The second story in the series does better and has the added plus of being free. Big HOWEVER: I employed the word "smoldering." There are definitely bits I will be rereading. With enthusiasm.
review 2: Yeah, so it's obvious why and how Simon and Robert are going to first meet and then git it awn. But who cares when it involves fun supernatural ingredients like this?I liked the dialogue and, in a short few pages, we are given enough character traits and personality insights to at least make
... moreus care some about these two.With most short stories, I don't usually feel more could have been added to improve the experience by way of the characters spending a bit more time together if it feels like a completed event. However, in this case, I think the story and Simon and Robert would have benefited. We are given a decent amount of detail without it feeling like toomuchatoncebecausetherearesofewpages in which to make us care, but if there had been more about their predicament, the impact would have increased proportionally. In other words, all bennies, no losers.And that git it awn part? Yeah, it's hot and frantic and specific to these two men. That's difficult to do no matter the story length.I enjoy this author's style, and way of mixing historical and supernatural worlds, and that now includes this story. less
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I guess I'll never understand how people can fell for each other in three minutes......
Short and insanely hot. Who would have thought the haunting could be this hot.
Very short story. No character development.
Rating 4.25
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