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The Infinite Moment Of Us (2013)

by Lauren Myracle(Favorite Author)
3.26 of 5 Votes: 4
1419707930 (ISBN13: 9781419707933)
Amulet Books
review 1: I liked this book alot but i just didnt LOVE it. I loved the romance and the cuteness of Wren and Charlies relationship, and i loved how they loved eachother. This book was kinda of cool for me because i kind of got attached to the charachters in a way that when sad stuff would i happen i would get sad and when hapy stuff would happen i would get happy. I love it when a book can do that because (in my opinion) thats what makes a great book. However there is a reason i only gave this book three stars, the ending. Just saying this is getting into spoilers. At first when Wren was ready to go to Charlie at the end of the book and was thinking about staying i was actually getting excited because, while i did see why she wanted to go to Guatemala I also understood why she would ... morewant to stay in Atlanta. Then when Charlie was about to go to the airport i though maybe something diffrent would happen not that he was going with her to Guatemala. Then there was the line at the end, "It wasnt the end of their story. It was the beginning." That ending bothered me in a way that i can not descride. With all of the detail and the beauty of Wren and Charlies relationship thats what i got has the ending?! I just wanted more from the story! Overall i did enjoy this book and i loved the writing style just the ending... COME ON!
review 2: This book was written in a very simple form, I felt like I was twelve. The characters were predictable and the plot was anything but original. If the characters didn't keep having sex I would think this was for fourth graders. This book was recomended by a friend but I was not impressed. Any attempt that the author made to make the characters seem "deep" made me face palm and many things happened that just don't happen in reality. The way that the teens spoke was ridiculous and nothing about the story felt real, and I don't mean that in a good way. The honest reason that this got two stars instead of one was that the author did well with scenes that got pretty intimate; basically the only thing in this book worth reading was the sex. less
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this book was pretty good! not the best i've read but it really captures your emotions
This was terrible. It was so bad, I wanted to claw out my eyes.
totally forgot that I read this!
2.5 stars
Loved it!
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