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Another Time, Another Life (2003)

by Leif G.W. Persson(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 5
0061153931 (ISBN13: 9780061153938)
Fall of the Welfare State
review 1: Mostly I enjoyed this book. Persson writes very well though the time line can be confusing. He goes back and forth between different times and you find yourself fliping back to remind yourself of the people involved. The plot is very interesting as are the characters. I like his technique of his characters saying something and thinking something else. Alot of the players were in his previous mystery. Again you get a sense of the police and politics in Sweden but less than in his previous book. All in all a good, tho slightly confusing read with some slow parts about 3/4 in.
review 2: Leif GW Persson is uniquely qualified to write a thriller like Another Time, Another Life, for he is Scandanavia's Foremsot criminologist. Along with that professional qualificatio
... moren though he has a writing style and plot making ability of the highest standard. The story focuses on two events, the storming of the West German Embassy in Stockholm in the mid '70's and a murder of an unpopular civil servant that occured in 1989. As it turns out the two events are intrinsically linked but it takes quite a while before that becomes clear. The leading investiogator Lars Johnnson, in 1999, reopens the murder case which had originally been investigated by his best friend Bo Jarnebring and his partner Anna Holt. This story is paced brilliantly, the plot is intricate, the characters real, and the outcome just surprising enough. Quality writing, yet again, from Scandanavia, I'll be reading more from Leif GW Perrson. less
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Excellent series set in Sweden, based on true story. Funny at times.
Bring it on. Slowly skewerning mediocracy.
A tiny bit better than the first book.
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