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Tra La Nostalgia Dell'estate E Il Gelo Dell'inverno (2002)

by Leif G.W. Persson(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 4
8831781855 (ISBN13: 9788831781855)
Fall of the Welfare State
review 1: A bit disapponting... Too many details on police procedure, while I expected it would be more relevant on Olof Palme's life and death. I was also surprised to find out that Palme wasn't so popular at the time of his death in his home country. Here, in Greece he is considered a noted socialist leader and a pacifist. Anyhow, the novel is well researched but lacks the little something that could make it a great read.
review 2: Really wanted to give it four stars but ended with three. Perhaps the succeeding books in the trilogy will flesh out characters who all seemed to lack dimension (and all seemed to be either misognyistic, sexual deviates, racists, neo-Nazi etc. with some characters combining more than one of these discriptors). Perhaps for a Swedish readershi
... morep the assassination of Olof Palme is equivalent to JFK's and provides a cottage industry of theories for which this fictional work embraces one. There are few "good policemen" in this story (only Johansson) which makes one wonder about the state of affairs in that country given the singluar background the author has. less
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First in a trilogy loosely based on the assassination of the Swedish prime minister.
two parallel stories that don't come together in the end as well as one would like
Not too bad. A little chaotic in parts. Many characters to follow
Didn't like the details about Swedish politics
Murder mystery and spy set in Sweden. S.M.
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