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En Annan Tid, Ett Annat Liv (Världfärdsstatens Fall, #2) (2003)

by Leif G.W. Persson(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 1
9164201287 (ISBN13: 9789164201287)
Fall of the Welfare State
review 1: Strange but gripping, spans 1975-2000 and events in between. It's a bit confusing in that the characters appears in his other novels too, at different stage in their careers: if you've read any of his other works you will recognise them, but it's difficult trying to remember what happened to whom and when across several different novels not treating the subject chronologically. Some interesting ideas: if we change during our lives, how far are we really answerable for what we might have done in the past (another life)? The police have some dubious methods both of collecting evidence and suppressing it, and for the sake of expediency there is a gross unfairness towards the end of the story. There are also some interpolated passages explain the background (the Cold War) whic... moreh are really just straightforward history lessons, with an occasional fictional character. However, I did really enjoy it, and I think if I were to start from scratch I would try to read his other novels close together so as to be able to keep in mid the relationships of the various police officers.(Oh, and the main murder victim has the same name as another Swedish crime author -is this a coincidence, a joke, or something else?)
review 2: I read this in memory of Maxine Clarke, the late and wonderful Petrona blogger. I am not as enthusiastic about as she was, but I did enjoy it. The characters are fully developed and entertainingly human, the plot is fascinatingly twisty, and the ending is neither a surprise nor cut and dried. Set in Sweden, Another Time, Another Life really is the story of a crime, an old crime, but a crime nonetheless. less
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Reading it felt like slogging through mud. I finally gave up. Life's too short.
really love the author -great crime story.
Couldn't even get past the first chapter.
Too slow
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