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Mare's Nest (2000)

by Lesley Kagen(Favorite Author)
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1479149186 (ISBN13: 9781479149186)
review 1: 1.5 stars. I enjoyed her fictional books much more than this book which is mostly biographical. However, I am not a horse fan and this book contained everything I never wanted to know about horses and horse shows. I am almost speechless regarding Annie's divide and conquer approach to parenting. I felt like Annie abandoned the rest of her family, ignored her own mental health and her family's financial welfare so she could relive a childhood fantasy through her daughter, Teddy.
review 2: Right up front I'll tell you that I know Lesley Kagen and admire her as a person and an author. I don't however, give positive reviews unless I really love a book.Mare's Nest is based on a real story; a fictional account of the experiences Lesley and her family had when her
... more daughter was training and competing in the local horse world. When I first starting reading the novel I found it intriguing, but I also had trouble connecting with the fact that families spend tens of thousands of dollars each year on what, to me, is essentially a hobby. Very soon within the book, Kagen does address this issue, many times in fact, in a way that even my frugal heart eventually understood. Once I was on board with the story, I found it fascinating to see what went on behind the scenes with the parents, trainers, judges, and barn owners. Emotions flared and there was backbiting and petty jealousy and sabotage. All the drama of the TV show Dance Moms, and then some.I don't want to give away the story, but I would recommend this book to anyone who is an animal lover, or wants an inside look at the world of riding competitions. The mother/daughter theme will resonate with female readers as well. Book clubs will have a lot to talk about, and there are reader questions and an author interview at the back of the book to guide in discussions. Highly recommended. less
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Great book for those who have spent time on the show circuit or have dealt with horse politics!
A fine read! And I don't really like horses, so that's saying something.
Monotonous story with all unlikeable characters.
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