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Still Life With Strings (2014)

by L.H. Cosway(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 2
1496087291 (ISBN13: 9781496087294)
review 1: Shane. Oh, Shane. He was so endearingly shy yet confident in himself. To me, he was the anti-"alpha man" that seem to be the rage these days. I don't understand my own kind sometimes. Why do they love to read books about men who are insanely jealous and trap the heroine in an abnormal relationship? I wanna see them try it in real life and learn how long that lasts. But Shane? Hell, make him real and I'll be happy to take him in a nanosecond. Sigh. I think I'm in love. The love story was so perfectly slow yet oh so cruelly short. Can we have more of their story please? The book ended all too soon. :(
review 2: I read this a a part of Rockers After Dark. No one in this story is a rocker. I thought this book might be corny since the heroine is a mime from the wr
... moreong side of the tracks who has a fairy costume. I was wrong. It starts out with a very memorable meeting between the hero and heroine where she catches his eye and decides to screw him in the alley and never see him again. Her plan did not come to fruition obviously because that would have been a very tawdry (and short) book. This is one of the top five books I've read in 2014. It is set in Dublin. The hero works for the orchestra as a solo violinist. The reasons behind their initial meeting and how their relationship progresses are just full of fate, poetry, artistry, sacrifice, tears, seduction, and lots more sex. These characters are so memorable and I wish their were ten books in this series but aren't. The Irish slang for handsome "he's a ride" really caught my fancy. I have had many steamy imaginings of my own ride with a beefy, sweet, brilliant, violin prodigy like Shane. Shane and Jade are an erotic love affair you will never forget. They are both broken but find true love heals all wounds. less
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Unique, Beautiful and magical is the story of Shane and Jade !!!
I felt the music of the words. Highly recommend!!
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