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Tegan's Power (2000)

by L.H. Cosway(Favorite Author)
4.34 of 5 Votes: 4
The Ultimate Power
review 1: This certainly was a breathtakingly insane WTF magical extravaganza. One thing I didn't note on my other reviews is the chapter titles, enjoyed the music references, even though most of the bands are not my cup to tea, but found that to be delightful. I enjoyed reading how so many types of people and 'others' were learning to cope in a stressful and crowded situation with tentative lines being drawn and reluctant allies, and then this action filled craziness comes along and just whips out so many OH NO REALLY? moments yet they were all so fun. Finn finding someone, now that was really nice, and reading it all from his perspective, even better. I liked the Tegan - Finn chapters breaking things down from each perspective, filling in gaps and showing more personality for each... more that wasn't just outside looking in. The family ties that come out, that was a hoot. Ira's story coming forth, that was also very nice, his character is an endearing one indeed. Wouldn't mind seeing more of what the Tribane area is going to be in for in the coming years. The teaser at the end with Ira as a teacher was really fun and leaves some anticipation indeed/
review 2: I've been blown away by this last installment. It all wrapped up so well. Cosway did leave it open for perhaps another series, with Darya, as ruler of Tribane. Of course, in the future. It'd be lovely to see Tegan & Ethan, & rest of the crew. For me, I found this last book to be exciting, thrilling, and oh so sexy!! Yay!! I really enjoyed the back and forth POV's between Tegan & Finn. Speaking of Finn, I'm really glad he found his HEA. That was nice. I was really surprised at how Ethan turned out after drinking Tegan's blood. He could have went crazy and mad with power but he didn't. He treasured the gift Tegan gave him. Ah, this book was just wonderful in my eyes. I've loved this series from the first book. Thanks, Ms. Cosway, for one of my favorite vampire series, ever!! less
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I loved the ending of this story. This is definitely a must read series :)
Loved it! Perfect ending to a fantastic series!!
Tense and exciting with a fine ending.
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