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The Nature Of Cruelty (2013)

by L.H. Cosway(Favorite Author)
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review 1: After reading 'Still life with strings' I couldn't wait to read another book from this writer. I must confessed that I had my doubts about this book. I didn't know what to think of the title and the story but just like the first book that I read I really, really loved it.This writer has a unique style of writing. Even when she's writing about a difficult subject, she writes it in such a way that it isn't dark. I found the writing style, the story teling very refreshing. And I love it that the story takes place in Ireland.She's one of my favorite, new writers of 2014.
review 2: This was my first book to read by this author, and I really enjoyed it. Everything I had read by others indicated that her books are quite a bit different, and reading some of the descri
... moreptions I can see that! I decided to start with this one because it didn't seem to be quite as different as some of the others based on their descriptions.I wasn't quite as leery of reading this as I potentially could have been after having read Bully by Penelope Douglas and really enjoying it. This is nowhere near the same kind of book - the characters are older and they never had any kind of friendship, but as far as the theme of a former bully being a love interest is concerned - they have that in common. (I think L.H. did it first.)I really enjoyed the interludes where we're able to go back to instances where Robert tormented Lana and see what was going through his head at the time. I also enjoyed that other than one brief relapse, he immediately sets to showing her how much he's changed. Lana is understandably cautious about accepting this at face value, but I'm glad she doesn't bullheadedly refuse to accept the possibility that he's truly changed.There's so much more going on in this story - Robert may have changed his behavior toward Lana, but has he truly changed the type of person he is or just changed the victim of his cruelty? Can Lana balance her health, a relationship and pursuit of her career in academia? This was a bit of a different kind of story, but I enjoyed it and plan on reading more by this author. I think that those who have enjoyed Samantha Young's books would enjoy this author (or at least this work by this author). less
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Needed an epilogue. Still my new favorite author though.
Ohhhh I loved this book!
4.5 stars
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