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El Corazon De Hielo (2011)

by Lis Wiehl(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 1
1602555680 (ISBN13: 9781602555686)
Grupo Nelson
Triple Threat
review 1: From Goodreads:Elizabeth Avery could easily be the girl next door. But what she has planned will make your blood run cold.At first glance, the crimes appear random. Arson. Theft. Fraud. Murder. But these are more than random crimes. They’re moves in an increasingly deadly game. And the one element they have in common: a woman who is gorgeous, clever . . . and lethal.Elizabeth Avery has a winsome smile and flawless figure, but underneath is a heart of ice. She’s a master manipulator, convincing strangers to do the unthinkable. And she orchestrates it all without getting too close. Until now.When Elizabeth ruthlessly disposes of an inquisitive young reporter, her crime catches the attention of Federal Prosecutor Allison Pierce, FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges, and crime ... morereporter Cassidy Shaw. They know they’re dealing with a cold-blooded murderer who could strike at any time. What they don’t know is that they’re already on a first-name basis with the killer.And one of them may be next on her list.My Thoughts:Elizabeth Avery is described in the summary of this book as a master manipulator. That’s a pretty bold statement, but I’m not sure that quite covers it. She is intense. But when you get a group of intelligent females together who pool their resources, she just might have found her match.I absolutely love these kind of crime fighting women books. This book reminds me of James Patterson’s Women’s Mystery Club series. And I am still waiting for my little wolf pack like this to form…. any takers??This book was intense from start to end. And as bad of a person as Elizabeth is, her character is absolutely intriguing. It’s always amazing to me to get inside the head of murderers and psychopaths, especially when it’s a drop dead gorgeous woman who seems perfectly normal and well liked. I just want to know what drives them and in this book, you get that.Heart of Ice had a great mix following along with the bad guy for a while, but also developing the good guy characters.This is the 3rd book in the Triple Threat series. I definitely want to go back and read the others in this series and continue to follow it as the series develops. I listened to this in audio book form and will look for the others in audio form as well. These kind of books are great drive along books. They keep me on my toes and keep me interested on my several hours on the road each week.I give Heart of Ice 5 out of 5 bookmarks.
review 2: Book 3 of the Triple Threat Series...There is NO way these women function in everyday life. They have between them suffered through every major female crisis available. Drugging resulting in a rape, a pregnancy from the rape, miscarriage, spousal/partner abuse, breast cancer, drunken parent, early death of a father resulting in a sister run wild...then there is the excessive vanity 9or self esteem issues), can't trust a male, gullible big sister acts that are all woven in.We know from the beginning who the bad guy (gal)is so then we just get to watch how these women get sucked in with the sociopath... Good grief. Common sense is just not to prevalent in these books. Really, I don't care who you are, are you going to let someone you have only known for a couple of weeks (and not in a friendship setting either) put over $1000 on your charge????)This is the end of these books for me. I am glad I got them for free because I would not be happy if I had paid for them! less
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I didn't want to put it down! Great suspense novel.
I really think it was ok I didn't like d ending
character development is good. keeps moving.
Great thriller! Hard to put down.
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