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A Deadly Business (2014)

by Lis Wiehl(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 2
1595549048 (ISBN13: 9781595549044)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Mia Quinn
review 1: This was an enjoyable read. I was a little put off to find that it is the second book in a series (I hadn't read the first), but it really stands alone. Not a bad book — a bit of courtroom drama, an accidental death that might be a murder, a dead husband who turns out not to have been what he seemed, a bit of romance between Mia and Charlie (but not over the top or graphic in any way, even by implication). There were some odd things in the book that seemed out of place: for instance, Eli blurting out that Mia is his girlfriend — where did that come from? The side story about the lady and her son who were living in a friend's garage and then moved into Mia's spare bedroom seemed an odd, out-of-place, and totally unnecessary insertion in the story and the conflict over ... morethat with Gabe was never resolved. Gabe's character as a 14 year old was well developed and seemed true to life. I'm not sure what qualifies this as "Christian fiction". And I'm not sure what characterizes "Christian fiction -- is it overt Christianity (not in this book), is it morality (the language was clean and there was no gratuitous sex or adultery in the book), is it a Biblical worldview (that existed in the book but was very subtle and seemed motivated by a desire on the part of the characters to be good, not necessarily biblical)?
review 2: This was a well written, great suspense novel that has you turning pages as quickly as you can. Mia is a prosecutor, a recent widow and a mother of two. She is working with police detective, Charlie, on a case of three boys who dropped a shopping cart from an overpass injuring a woman below. Working together they start looking into the accident that killed Mia's husband and find it was a murder. With the bad guys trying to stop the investigation into Steve's murder and the press following the shopping cart investigation , Mia's life is quickly getting out of control. a great read. less
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I read this book in 2 days. Very engaging.
It was a good story, worth 3.5 stars.
2nd in the series.
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