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Flammenbraut (2013)

by Lisa Black(Favorite Author)
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Theresa MacLean
review 1: I studied forensics for a little bit before finding my true love in microbiology, so when I found a book in the bookstore that had a fellow scientist who actually was in forensics, I got very excited. Now, I didn't come into the series blind or without knowing that it was an actual series. I read Takeover, liked it for the fictional side of things- then read the second book in the series which left me extremely annoyed with Theresa Maclean's character. Then picked up this one on a whim and read it because I knew the author and her work from before. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement. Yes, I understand that this book is fictional and doesn't show the realistic nature of forensics, but I was more disappointed that this author never learned from her mis... moretakes before. As much as it is a great thing to have a forensic scientist be the star of the show, fact of the matter is, that it must be a little more realistic. The fact that Theresa seems a little confused about what her actual career is and the fact that she goes after criminals and gets cornered by them all the time is very annoying and not realistic at all in the real world. Fact is: A forensic scientist is a civilian scientist, not a police officer. They never leave the lab to go to crime scenes- those are what we like to call CSI's. Theresa's character makes me feel that it is a self insert of Lisa Black herself. She is pretty much flawless, thinks that she can get away with a lot of things that she would never be able to ever get away with in the professional world- and is allowed to be a police officer as well as a forensic scientist when she is not qualified to be the former. In my opinion, this series is going from a great start to a rather shitty premise. I love stories about forensics and actual forensic scientists being the heroes of the day, but Theresa's character is extremely annoying and not really developed to the level that I expected. I am willing to read more of this series, but when I'll pick up the next book? I have absolutely no idea.
review 2: I had several problems with this book. First, the author seems to think that 40 is old. Second, everyone in this book seems to be a misogynist, including Theresa MacLean, which I don't quite understand. Third, the author seems to resort to stock phrases and words quite often. Like 'frisson'. I don't know, it irritated me. There was also not one character that I liked or felt sympathy for. That being said, this was a fairly good story, and that's why I stuck with the book. I wanted to find out how it ended, and the ending was fairly exciting. I was able to predict who the killer was, which usually I'm not able to do. I wouldn't consider this book a waste of time, but I wouldn't pay full price for it either. Get it from the library. less
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I enjoyed reading this book. The story was good and kept me going throughout. Thanks.
Interesting story line based on a real case I believe. Would read more by this author.
Good book but was slow in parts.
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