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Defensive Wounds (2011)

by Lisa Black(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 2
006198941X (ISBN13: 9780061989414)
William Morrow
Theresa MacLean
review 1: OK audio book, though a bit convoluted at the wind-up. Murders of criminal defense attorneys at the Ritz-Carleton in Cleveland. Was hoping for more Cleveland color, but the location could have been Anywhere, USA. The ol' library CDs were marred, so the skipped and stalled in the car; I had to clean them to re-listen to the missed sections at home. Not whelmed enough to look for other books by this author.
review 2: As I was preparing for my sister's retreat weekend in Cleveland, I loaded this onto my iPod, thinking what could be better? A serial lawyer killer in Cleveland (my sister and I both work in the legal profession) has got to be good stuff. It was just OK, although having just visited this beautiful city, I related to the setting, the views, the l
... moreake and river and it conjured up positive thoughts of my visit with my sister. There wasn't anything remarkable about this "who done it" to set it apart from hundreds of books I've read just like it. less
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.....at the last minute.....out of the blue.... the detective has all the answers! okay.
Listened to it in the car. Decent story, a tad slow and overly clinical at times.
It was an audio book I just finished. Another goody.
Good story
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