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A Cortina Da Memória (2009)

by Lisa Unger(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 1
9722342401 (ISBN13: 9789722342407)
Editorial Presença
review 1: This book had a can't put it down quality. The suspense and the lack of reliability of the narrator kept me guessing. At times, the twists and turns could actually become confusing, but even then I just wanted to read more to try to understand. I was a little bit disappointed at the ending of the book, because it's so difficult to build up that much suspense and then make it pay off. Overall I enjoyed the book and I would try reading another book by this author.
review 2: I thought this was an excellent book. Different from the author's normal writing style, and different from anything I have read before. I liked the fact that Unger switched between the present and the past - it was not too confusing. She kept me guessing the whole time - in the beginning wonde
... morering if it was Frank or his son she was scared of, and towards the end wondering if her husband was in on the whole thing. I highly recommend this book. less
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This is a very dark story, disturbing on a lot of levels, but it is so well written.
Great intriguing mystery
It was a good book.
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