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Halve Waarheden (2007)

by Lisa Unger(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 2
905831457X (ISBN13: 9789058314574)
Ridley Jones
review 1: I really liked Beautiful Lies, the first in this series of two books about Ridley Jones. It had a lot of action and I thought it would make a great movie. Sliver of Truth is not that book. Ridley is extremely introspective, and even whiny, in this book as she realizes that her life continues to be built upon lies. Ridley is placed in improbable positions and seems to have no control over this. I kept wondering why she doesn't have any other friends than Jake and why she didn't have any work. So obviously, the plot wasn't enough to keep my mind on the story.
review 2: ���Almost a year after reading the first book, BEAUTIFUL LIES (which I absolutely loved), I picked up the sequel. I had no idea there was going to be a sequel when I finished the first b
... moreook. Interestingly enough, neither did the author. According to an interview I read, she said the lead character just wouldn't leave her alone, and insisted her story wasn't over yet. And oh, boy, was she ever right! I was drawn into this book from the very first page. I adored the protagonist--maybe even more this time than last time, and I didn't think that was possible. Lisa Unger writes beautifully. I highlighted a number of passages that took my breath away as I read. The book is full of plot twists, the mystery's well developed, the characters wonderfully empathetic. I loved it! less
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Not as good as Beautiful Lies and a bit more predictable even though there were some good twists
Fast moving but convoluted mystery.
excellent.... again
Not as good.
weird for me
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