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Black Out (2009)

by Lisa Unger(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 5
0307472299 (ISBN13: 9780307472298)
review 1: Absolutely loved it but I could see and understand why it upset some people. It is dark, deliciously so but I am going through my dark and twisty phase so its right up there. Ophelia/Anne is the product of a single mother who falls in love with an inmate and relocates them to FL where she gets him free and brings him and his equally messed up son into their lives. Horrific things happen but now Anne has a good life right? Well things start happening and you go on this ride with her where both she and you cannot tell what is real and what is in her little wackadoodle head. But its such a good breathless ride.
review 2: A book with a lot of potential and interesting structure with flashbacks frequent throughout. However, the loose ends are not tied up, leaving us
... more to wonder what was the protagonists imagination and what actually happened. Also we oddly see the perspective of a cop's mentality written in third person, despite the unusual insight into this character's thought process - we are left wondering whether the conversations they had were partly real. less
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A bit confusing. Plot went from present to past but often these became to blurred to understand
Scary and suspenseful in a very good way. I really liked it and was kept guessing.
The best book I have read in a long time!!
A twisted ride.
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