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Die Landkarte Der Liebe (2012)

by Lucy Clarke(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
3492300855 (ISBN13: 9783492300858)
review 1: I thought it was a good book. A very intimate look at the lives of two sisters so very different from each other. The story moved at a good pace and it was very interesting to read but something was missing for me. I can't really put my finger on what it could be that made me shrug my shoulders once I finished the book. All in all, I would recommend it to my friends. I'd love to know their opinion..
review 2: This is one of the great, enthralling novels that kept me awake until three o'clock in the morning, because I was eager to know what was going to happen in the next page. It's a story that every woman who has a sister will love and empathise with, because the author succeeds in describing perfectly the complex, intense and beautiful relationship between tw
... moreo siblings with opposite personalities. It's also the story of a journey from one fascinating country to another, in search for answers, in search for a change, and above all, in search for the True Self. less
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Discovered this in the airport. Better than the typical airplane/vacation read.
I like the style of writing by this author. This was a very enjoyable read.
really good read. A lovely mix of exciting & emotional. Really enjoyed it
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