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Nachtzwemmen (2013)

by Lucy Clarke(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 5
A.W. Bruna
review 1: I'm torn on this one. The story was interesting and kept me reading, especially the travel parts. However, I hated the characters. Both sisters were unlikable in different ways, and they were terrible to each other. Maybe I don't understand since I don't have a sister, but I have brothers - we fought as kids but we'd never act as terrible to each other as adults as they do in this book. I kind of wanted to throw this book across the room, but I also wanted to find out how it ended.
review 2: this is an interesting book, about Katie who sister is found dead whilst traveling around the world. Katie needs to know what happened, luckily her sister kept a journal, and katie retraced her sister's footsteps around the world whilst reading the precious journal. This bo
... moreok has gripping bits in it, but mostly about relationship between the sisters. I put it down, didn't read it again for a few weeks. could have easily not finished it. less
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Definitiv nicht der Kitschroman nachdem es aussieht. Nette spannende Geschichte zweier Schwestern.
Good book. Cleverly crafted.
great story.
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