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Hilda Y La Cabalgata Del Pájaro (2014)

by Luke Pearson(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 5
Barbara Fiore
review 1: Great example of creating pacing and mood with panels and color. Distinct color scheme that is kind of retro (like old 60s photos). Does not elaborate at all on Hugin/Munin/Odin – just alludes to Scandinavian folklore (good segue to a discussion about them). Educational. While the kids do not pick on Hilda, you know they are bad kids – good discussion on behavior and how “fun” can hurt others. Also, listening to our parents. Many lessons in this book. Hilda is delightful, firey and positive (kinda like Callie in Drama).
review 2: I ordered this from the public library after reading several positive reviews. Young readers will love Hilda, a fearless young girl who moved from the country into a bustling city with her nervous mother. Hilda doesn’t unders
... moretand her mother’s fears about exploring the city. She had always been able to wonder alone and enjoy the woods; and here in the city she will never be alone. Hilda’s mother finally agrees to allow her to go out with a group of new friends from school. When these new friends end up causing mischief Hilda chooses to exhibit kindness. The illustrations are wonderful and even reluctant readers will enjoy the engaging story. less
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Not as cute as the first one, but still good
not as good as the midnight giant
I adore Hilda!
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