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Soul Bonds (2008)

by Lynn Lorenz(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 5
159632709X (ISBN13: 9781596327092)
Loose-id Publishing
Common Powers
review 1: I can ignore silly writing even if it briefly throws me out of a story for example calling a man's anus a portal. But it is offensive for a man, who supposedly loves a recently rescued young man that was severely abused & literally a sex slave, to yell out in the throws of sex that he's the sex slave now. I understand he's trying to help this young main gain some control of his life & give him a taste of power, but those words should never have been said. I'm still bothered by how lightly it was handled. Those that don't like Insta-Love. This may not be your book. If you must have strong world building, this may not be your book. There's no explanation of their powers, where they came from, etc... There's nothing other than he has some type of power & has found the person ... morehe is soul bound to for life in Mitchell. How they are connected & what it means is not detailed or explained other than by random comments like their life forces are connected too etc... It's not a bad story, but no where near what this author is capable of producing. This story requires a greater amount of suspended belief than even most other SciFy stories.
review 2: This story was okay but just didn't do it for me. I found that the romance, i.e. soul bond, just developed way too quickly between the MC's. There wasn't a chance to get a feel for the psyche of either character and, on the surface, neither was very special. Sammi just came off as a slut and Mitchell was just a guy at a bar. The back story didn't happen until later in the book. I liked the concept of soul bonding, and understand that it can happen quickly, but maybe the characters shold have been developed a bit before they "just happened" to be in that bar at the same time and "just happened" to meet and fall into lust together. less
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Eh...it was okay,not sure if I'll continue with the series. Really feel the characters.
I really liked that it had paranormal but also enough that it could seem possible.
More like 3.75 than 4 stars, in fact.
3.5 stars.
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