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Guaranteed Justice (2000)

by M.A. Comley(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 3
Lorne Simpkins
review 1: Well, this was quite the departure in the series but still good. Just unexpected to me !! It will be intriguing to see what happens in books 6 and 7 which I also have downloaded !!I liked Lorne and Tony's new lifestyle and the inclusion of some dogs in this story, I must say. Though of course as soon as an animal is included it often means sadness goes hand-in-hand which is a pity. It's good to hear of the poor creatures they're helping in more ways than one !! I'm liking the little team they've assembled for future stories as well.One query I had was why Lorne sometimes used her maiden name and sometimes not now her and Tony are married.The apostrophe errors persist in this story but it seems if I persist in reading on the Kindle they're an annoyance I'm bound to suffer, ... moresadly. The only other mistake was properties used instead of property's.
review 2: It's nice to have followed Lorne's journey through the police force and now into a private PI role. She's come along way through the series and is now retired from the police force with a new hubby and a new animal rescue centre to keep her busy. But Lorne can never keep still and is itching to get back to investigating crimes, so she decides to start up her own PI business. Her first case deals with a group of women who have been attacked by a local golden-eyed boy, but him getting his justice in the courts doesn't quite work out as planned! This is another fast-paced thriller from Mel Comley that I couldn't put down. A recommended read! less
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Eminently forgettable. Part of a box set of "suspenseful thrillers."
This was an abysmally dreadful book.
Easy reading, a bit trite.
Kept me well entertained.
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