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Impending Justice (2000)

by M.A. Comley(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
Lorne Simpkins
review 1: Wow! This was another winner from M. Comley. The action starts from the first page and lasts until the very last page. The author is not afraid to do what it takes, even risking ticking off the reader, to take the story in a different direction. And it works really well for her. This is not for the faint of heart for sure! This second book deals with a nasty mass murderer, drug and teen prostitution trafficking ring leader, the horrible Unicorn, who has it in for DI Lorne Simpkins. He seems to always be one step ahead of everything they do and this book takes us all over the place, tracking down leads, chasing his captives and evetually to an ending that still makes me shudder. The Unicorn has to be one of the top villians I have ever read about. Comley has quite the imagi... morenation to come up with these storylines and characters, and to make them believable to the reader takes a lot of skill. She is one of the best writers in regard to character development I have ever read--and I have read a ton of thrillers! You will enjoy the edge of your seat, crazy ride all through the book that this nasty murderer leads you and at the end you will be left breathless. Do yourself a favor and get the third book right away--you won't be able to sleep until you know what happens after this book finishes up!
review 2: London’s Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins has been chasing The Unicorn, for 8 yrs. This is one sick customer, and he’s made it his goal in life, to beat Lorne. This is Red John meets Criminal Minds kind of action. If you have a weak stomach, this is not for you, but it’s a page turner, in the best tradition. I haven’t read Book 1, Cruel Justice, or Book 3, Final Justice, but for sure I’ll have to get book 3, as book 2 is definitely a “to be continued”.I can’t believe that London’s law enforcement agencies are unarmed! less
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