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Foul Justice (2000)

by M.A. Comley(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 4
Lorne Simpkins
review 1: One day read. Couldn't even think of putting it down. What is most interesting about this series is that, although the mystery/thriller aspects range from OK to brilliant, it's the characters that are driving the series. Lorne Simpkins is amazing in her ability to deal with all of the awful things that occur in her life. She just perseveres and is supported by so many likable characters. A very good series!
review 2: Did I read the wrong book?After seeing how well thought of this book is, I decided to give it a whirl. What is going on folks? This book lacks depth and is full of illogical premises. Would a senior detective really describe her current investigation as burglaries when three children were murdered during the two house invasions? Would these crime
... mores go unreported by the media when they occurred in wealthy Chelsea and the homes invaded belonged to soccer stars? Did no one notice the police cars, ambulances, crime scene trucks etc?I kept returning to the start to reassure myself that this book had not been written for ten to twelve-year-olds. Readers, do yourself a favour and give this author a miss. Go buy a Robert Crais, a Michael Connolly, a Ian Rankin or an A.J. Davidson. less
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Loved loved LOVED it!!! Finished the book within 2 days and found it impossible to put down.
Another great book in the series...
Totally addictive love this series
My favourite so far.
It was okay.
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