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Ultimate Justice (2000)

by M.A. Comley(Favorite Author)
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Lorne Simpkins
review 1: This was my least favourite story in the series. It seemed to have been written in quite a different way with the Lorne/Tony relationship for some reason and it didn't work as well, I thought. It does say this is the final story but I know now there are two more. I hope she's reverted back to her old style of writing for those. Parts I thought were highly unlikely as well whereas in prior outings all the stories have been very believable. If I'd not read the others in the series I'd be pretty confused about how some people in the story feature (especially Carol) so I don't recommend this as a stand-alone book.The weatherman mention was wrong, too-it was Michael Fish in 1987 not Bill Giles in '86. That was really infamous so I'm surprised it was wrong.There were the odd mis... moresed hyphen or comma and a couple of Americanisms popped up out of nowhere-maximize and antagonize. Then conspicuous was used when it should've been inconspicuous and agro used in place of aggro.I intend to stick with the series, though, as I have enjoyed these books over all.
review 2: I can safely say that ‘Ultimate Justice’ is one of my favourite novels from the Justice series written by the ever so fantastic Mel Comley to date. This series just gets better and better.This story kicks off with a tragedy at sea. A ship containing an illegal 'cargo' of Asian girls, to be sold and used as sex slaves, is caught in a storm, capsizes and sinks off the coast of Kent. No one survives and soon numerous corpses are washed ashore.Private Investigator Lorne Warner is horrified by the news and smelling foul play, she immediately feels the urge to dig deeper into the story. With the help of an investigative journalist, her husband Tony and DS Katy Foster she discovers that there is a whole racket of illegal human trafficking going on which may have the full backing of several high profile dignitaries.Soon the case proves hard to crack as the associates involved in this operation are powerful and determined to stop at nothing in order to safeguard their business. This includes eliminating their number one cause of concern who is sticking her nose in their affairs... Lorne Warner.Once you start reading this fast paced novel you won't want to stop to discover what will happen next. The final part will leave you gasping for air…literally.By the way, Pete Childs will also have something to say in all this.I have already started to read the next and newest instalment in the Justice Series – Virtual Justice - and from the first pages it already looks to be unfolding into another knock out novel.I gave 5 stars to Ultimate Justice:5 stars for the idea behind and the main theme of the novel5 stars for the brilliant plot with all its twists and turns5 stars for the realistic and wonderful cast of lovable characters5 stars for the impeccable narration and dialogue5 stars for the fine grammar and punctuation…but mostly…5 stars to Mel Comley !!! less
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The last of the series....I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and look forward to the next.
Wasn't so sure because of the last book! But this book is fantastic keep it up
loved it
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