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La Profecía Del Cuervo (2013)

by Maggie Stiefvater(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 4
The Raven Cycle
review 1: A great book that develops all the characters so well--which is hard to find in stories sometimes--and so, by the end, you feel like these are real people who've lived expressive lives.The supernatural aspects of this book are TO DIE FOR. Super interesting! I don't know much about ley lines and using dowsing rods, but I loved all these themes in the book. A DEFINITE must-read. Getting ready to start the next book now~
review 2: How do I begin this review?! I usually don't trust myself to review a book I love so much, because then, my emotions almost always get in the way. But then again, it's not very often that I like a book this much. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater was not a book I expected to like this much. Just the 'True Love' phrase in the descri
... moreption was enough for me to put the book down and never glance twice at it; but since the reviews were all so high up, I decided I'd give it a shot. Now, I keep asking myself; why didn't I start it sooner? If I were to describe this book in two words, it would be; Beautifully Dark. I have absolutely no idea what gave me the sense of darkness in this book. Maybe characters like Ronan Lynch, the ever mysterious; or Adam Parrish, the pessimist or maybe Neeve; a mystery till the end of the book. Or maybe it was the plot and how every character was struggling with something. From Ronan, who was still grieving his father; to Whelk, who was constantly looking for his lost fortune; to Gansey, whose search for Glendower, turned into an obsession. Simply because he believed he owed his life to the dead king and his magical world. However, in my opinion, Adam Parrish was the deepest character. How he was constantly trying to keep balance between his reality and his Aglionby life, made the book so much more intriguing. There wasn't a minute I didn't understand him, or his decisions. Besides, there were parts in book which pointed out little insecurities he felt- like the worn bit of seam on the shoulder of his second hand sweater- which was way more touching and impressive than Blue trying to read all these 'in his eyes'. That's one of the points I praise Maggie Stiefvater for. She didn't write full chapters in which she described the color of everyone's eyes, and she didn't describe emotions in the depth of the characters' eyes. Instead, she pointed out little details which have the impression much more clearly. However, as real as all these felt, Blue Sargent was the exact opposite. There was absolutely NOTHING significant about her character. After finishing the book I spent so much time thinking about her character, and funny enough, there wasn't much to think of. She felt more like a narrator than the main heroine. But that's okay. Compared to all the ways this book could go wrong, this was by far the best. I mean, The book could be a disastrous cliche. Blue had the vaguest idea about Gansey being her 'True Love' but that didn't mean she fell in love with him at first sight, or felt 'sparks flying', or 'electricity surging through her body whenever Gansey glanced at her' as some authors may put it. The chapters were all plot-related and the main focus was on the ley lines, and their search for Glendower, and that's more than enough for me to categorize this book as one of the best Young Adult books I've ever read. less
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Sentí que este libro fue completamente distinto a otros de los que he leído antes, sabiendo lo ligado que esta la historia con estos temas esotéricos no lo hubiera leído jamás, pero me estaría perdiendo de este increíble libro.Me encantó ver que a pesar de todo ese misterio y fantasía que rodeaba los personajes principales la autora maneja ciertos aspectos que lo hacen más cercano a la realidad. En cuanto a los personajes (¿Soy la única a la que odio a Gansey?) me intriga saber más sobre las historias de los chicos (en especial de Adam), que aunque es cierto que al principio la autora nos dibuja estos chicos ricos y perfectos poco a poco deja ver que no es así. También necesito saber más de la familia de Blue, me llama la atención la historia que tienen.Le pongo cuatro estrellas por que ese final no me gusto mucho, sí, te deja con esas ansias de leer el segundo, pero lo sentí muy precipitado, no sé.
This is completely weird.I read The Raven Boys last year. But some days ago, after I finished reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue, one of my friends that came to town had with her the spanish copy of TRB: La profesia del cuervo.I reviewed the English edition in Spanish. So, I'm trying to review the Spanish edition in English.But it doesn't matter the language. The Raven Cycle series is for now, my favorite of 2014. I adore each one of this characters. I wish I could rewind time just to have the chance to read each of these books for the first time again.
i really enjoyed the characters and the writing and the plot. this held my interest all the way.
Can't wait for the next one!
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