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Roan's Fall (2009)

by Marisa Chenery(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 2
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Roxie's Protectors
review 1: I previously reviewed an older title from this author, Icy Temptations, and it was a delight to discover Roan’s Fall far surpassed her older work. Though part of a series, this story ties in to another series and is best read in order, this helps clear up some of the confusion that took place while reading Roan’s Fall. There are quite a handful of characters that I found myself struggling to keep up with.But other than that, this title made me laugh, gasp, and giggle like the erotic fan girl that I am. It made me cry from all the angst and struggles both characters fought in themselves and against each other. It kept me reading with anticipation to find out how it ended.Though it did slow down a bit towards the end, Roan’s Fall is packed with numerous erotic scenes, ... morecharacters out of this world, and a taste of action to top it all off. It contained a new twist to the werewolf genre that was both surprising and unique. Roan’s Fall is a must read.
review 2: This book was recommended to me because I was participating in a name challenge and I couldn't find any books that I wanted to read that started with the letter R. Long story short, I read it but was a little embarrassed having to admit I read it not to mention I didn't really care for the book too much. It was a fast read with a lot of sex in it, it reminded me very much of a diluted Black Dagger Brotherhood book only with werewolves and without a whole lot of explanation about the pack. I understand that this series is a "spin off" from other books the author has written but quite frankly I am really not all that interested in reading her other books especially when I am told that the other books are completely the same and revolve around how all the other members of the pack get "mated". less
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Very good start for a great series, finished it so fast I had to go back and read it again.
Very good!! Cant wait to read the rest of the books in the series :)
Excellent book keeps u into the book
Wished it was longer
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