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Good As Dead (2011)

by Mark Billingham(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 4
1847444199 (ISBN13: 9781847444196)
Little Brown and Company
Tom Thorne
review 1: Definitely not a book for bedtime! If you want some sleep, that is. I found it very difficult to put down. The tension is terrific as Thorne races to try to comply with a kidnapper's demand that his son's death be proved not to be suicide. Tension within the claustrophobic atmosphere between the kidnapper and his hostages as much as outside with the police negotiation team, as well as for Thorne himself tracking down the answers. Thorne's course of action is to me utterly unbelievable behaviour for a police officer, but it's a gripping read.
review 2: Mark Billingham is a real master of the pacy and realistic thriller. He makes the story telling seem effortless. Thorne is on good form as always and is thrown into a race against time that Billingham masters wond
... moreerfully well. A reader new to this series should start with earlier novels. Billingham always get the tension building to the perfect finale. My only niggle is the slightly incongruous epilogue. less
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Overlong. Liked it but could have done with being shorter
Some really good suprises. Excellent read.
Great thriller
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