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The Resistance Man (2014)

by Martin Walker(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 5
0385349548 (ISBN13: 9780385349543)
Bruno, Chief of Police
review 1: As I have come to expect from the Bruno, Chief of Police stories, there is a corpse early on in the story and Bruno sets about to solve the crime amidst the distractions of daily routine, wonderful meals, girlfriends and helping out the general population of St. Denis. There is always, and I attribute this to the author's background, an excellent introduction to a part of French history and affairs that makes for an interesting lesson along the way. Walker never disappoints in this aspect. With all of the above woven into The Resistance Man, the final solving of the crime seems to come together a little too quickly with a rather abrupt ending.
review 2: I enjoy this series very much. I thought the previous title (The Devil's Cave) wasn't one of the best but
... more Martin Walker has returned to form with this one. A former resistance fighter dies and among his possessions he has documents that link him to a war time train robbery. There was a huge amount of gold stolen, and no one is quite certain what happened to it. Meanwhile a local English resident has his home burgled. In investigating Bruno discovers that the retired civil servant is actually a highly placed member of MI5. And another local resident is writing a book about French diplomacy during the Cold War. All of these threads come together and Bruno as usual manages to sort out everything to the advantage of his beloved St Denis. This is a charming and compelling series, and especially recommended if you have been lucky enough to travel in the Perigord. less
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I like all of the Bruno series. The food descriptions alone are worth reading Martin Walker's books.
very interesting, love this series, want to go see the country!
Another enjoyable adventure with Bruno, Chief of Police.
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