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3 Story: The Secret History Of The Giant Man (2009)

by Matt Kindt(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 2
1595823565 (ISBN13: 9781595823564)
Dark Horse Originals
review 1: Lovely in many ways. Often poignant. But maybe I just don't do well with books that are trying to be literary. Or maybe it was trying too hard. There were points that just felt a bit much to me. Like the CIA popping in and out. And the end didn't quite work, it's so hard to end touching books sometimes. But much of it was lovely in a bittersweet way. And it's a beautiful book, high quality production.
review 2: Graphic novel near-perfection. A tactile delight - from the texture of the cover to the shape and weight of the book. Even the pages have that good graphic novel smell. Masterfully paced, intriguing plot, and thoughtful illustrations. Barely sci-fi, this is more of an exploration of the meaning of belonging, or of being different. Of living in a worl
... mored that is not designed for your proportions. While this book will never make top ten lists, I'd recommend it to anyone as a gateway graphic novel. less
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Dave really liked this one, me, just ok. I generally love Matt Kindt which is why I read it.
The sad, gentle tale of a man who continues to grow and how it affects his family members.
Imagine the size of his......
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