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Agatha Raisin: Hell's Bells (2013)

by M.C. Beaton(Favorite Author)
3.02 of 5 Votes: 1
C&R Crime
review 1: Hell’s Bells is a short story featuring Agatha Raisin. Mary Brand has a habit of annoying her neighbours. Her latest endeavour sees the church’s bells being re-rung and the noise is driving fellow neighbour, Jessica Brand. When Jessica finds the dead body of Mary hanging from the bells she is worried she will be accused of the murder and seeks out Agatha Raisin’s help.This was a really short story. The murder is discovered quickly and solved quickly. I enjoyed taking a short visit with Agatha Raisin as she uses her unique skills to solve the murder!!Even though it wasn’t a full-length story I still enjoyed Hell’s Bells immensely and I’m looking forward to reading the next full-length novel.
review 2: It was a freebie so I thought I'd give Agatha Rai
... moresin another chance. Nope, still not happening. As much as I love her Hamish Macbeth novels, I really don't like Beaton's Agatha Raisin Series. Agatha Raisin would be the one to die in a Macbeth novel and everyone would be happy about it. Usually if I like an author that much I read pretty much everything they do - unless maybe it's a different genre I don't read (like Mankell) - but with MC Beaton there is only Hamish for me. Reminds me I should really reread the whole series... less
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not even that good for a short story ...what on earth was the point of it ?
free ebook, 5 mins read not even much of a story more like a plot
Great book, if a little short. Very short ending
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