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Owner's Share (2010)

by Nathan Lowell(Favorite Author)
4.34 of 5 Votes: 3
Golden Age of the Solar Clipper
review 1: This sixth and final book in the Solar Clipper series ended a series I loved. I put off reading this one because I knew it was the end and I couldn't bear not following Ishmael Wang around the Deep Dark. It also ends on a bittersweet note with Ishmael at lose ends and if you're like me you want to know what he turns to next. The happy endings stop here. I hope Nathan Lowell continues to write in this vein and I already have his Tales from the Deep Dark to look forward to, but I think I'll put that one off as well until the spell of Owner's Share leaves me.
review 2: I've listened to all of the Golden Age stories and they were all...ok. But this last story really hit me. I was expecting Captain Wong to sail off into the sunset, as it were, all happy with life, t
... morehe universe and everything. I don't want to spoil anything but there was something that happened in this story that hasn't happened in any of the other stories that was so out of the blue that it really shocked me. I just finished the story today so I haven't really decided if I like how the book ended or if I would rather have had the traditional "happy ending". Anyway, I liked the whole series and I hope the author re-visits these characters again in the future. less
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This was a great read. I'm still working through if I'm ok with how it ended up though.
This was a great series. Easy to read and relate to the characters.
Horrible end to what was a terrific series.
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