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Prepare To Die! (2012)

by Paul Tobin(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 3
1597804207 (ISBN13: 9781597804202)
Night Shade Books
review 1: Some interesting reviews below.I'd argue they're not looking at the book as it was intended: as a comic book, matured, and set as a novel. Tobin is supremely skilled at setting his characters in that version of the world (as he should be considering his profession). If you go into this expecting a realistic portrayal of superhumans in our own world, you'll probably come out disappointed.The thing that tipped me from a 4 to 5 star review on this was the final battle. I know from experience how hard a grand finale fight is to stage, and Tobin does it with skill and measured pacing. Sure, it may get a little waffly, but it still wrapped things up nicely with a satisfying, green-glowed, crunch.This and Sanderson's Steelheart are two of my favourites. More pl... moreease.
review 2: PREPARE TO DIE is great fun, and probably not what you expect out of a superhero novel. Yes, I said superhero novel, not comic. Instead of endless pseudo-conflict and characters being stuck in a loop because they're too valuable to be broken, Paul Tobin delivers realized characters who are fully-fleshed out and far more adult than what you'll be finding in most any comic book offering. Now, I say mature, but this isn't shock-value from beloved characters doing out-of-character things. PREPARE TO DIE delivers a different, more grownup take on superheroes, perfect for those who know that there's more to them than what the comics and movies deliver. And Tobin does so with a unique voice, often comical, often serious, always entertaining. less
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Nothing groundbreaking, but clever and likable and it doesn't overreach and try to be too grand.
Zany! Fun! Super heroic! Soap operatic! With laughably bad writing!
Fun. A graphic novel done complete with WORDS! I know, right?
great idea but was crazy about the follow through.
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