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Herra Tiikeri Villiintyy (2014)

by Peter Brown(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is a Book about a tiger that is not happy with his day-to-day life. He believes that a lot of things have become to dull and that he does not want to be like all the other animals any more. He does not want to wear a suit any more and does not want to walk on two feet. Every else is the same and is boring to him. Therefore, he decides to change up his life. He takes off is suit and starts to run on all fours. His animal friends are appalled by his behavior and do not know what to do. Mr. Tiger proceeds to go into the jungle away from everyone else. He likes how everything is bright and beautiful away from the city and how much more fun life and less boring everything is when he is in the wild. This is a great story for children because it teaches that a... morecting like everyone is, not better than acting like your self. A teacher could use this story to create an activity that allows each student to prove how they are different than the rest of the class and then celebrate each others differences
review 2: This story was kind of boring honestly, just like Mr. Tiger was in the beginning of the book. The story didn't really have any climatic point, except for the fact that Mr. Tiger took off all of his clothes and got on all four legs to walk around. Maybe that was supposed to be the climatic point? I am not sure. Mr. Tiger gets bored with his boring life and decides to make a change and go "wild." By doing this, his friends become very impatient and tell him to go to the wilderness if he was going to act wild. With that, he did. And that was the end of the book. It was very sudden of an ending and I was not expecting that. With the story being boring and with that said, I did thoroughly enjoy the illustrations. I think the illustrations are what absolutely made this book honestly. The illustrations let you create your own story and your own dialogue in your head about what Mr. Tiger was doing around the town on his new four legs and what he was accomplishing in the wilderness on his own. I suppose perhaps maybe that was the point of the illustrations as well? To let the reader have an imagination. It definitely worked on me!For this particular book, I would probably never use it in my classroom, but if someone were to use it in their classroom, I would reserve it for the grades of kindergarten and first grade. I think any grades older than that would be just as bored as I was throughout the story. less
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The illustrations! The illustrations! So gorgeous I don't even have words.
Excellent "don't be afraid to be yourself" story!
A must for mothers (especially of boys...Cara :)
Mr. Tiger takes a walk on the wild side
Fun. Excellent storytime read-aloud.
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