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Goblins (2012)

by Philip Reeve(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 2
1407115278 (ISBN13: 9781407115276)
Marion Lloyd Books
review 1: We meet our hero, Skarper, as he is flying through the air after being launched from a high tower by his fellow goblins. When he lands, he realizes that for the first time in his life he is free to pursue his own dreams, an amazing concept for a goblin who has never quite fit in. When he crosses paths with an unusual human called Henwyn who is also escaping his mundane existence, the fun really starts. This atmospheric, imaginative, wonderfully written romp fills that tall order of a middle grade fantasy book that is smart, funny, well-plotted and paced, and actually completely age-appropriate. 4th grade and up.
review 2: Henwyn wants to be a hero but his life is mapped out to become a cheesewright. Skarper's greatest accomplishment is becoming a literate gobl
... morein. These two unlikely companions-to-be cross paths when Skarper is bratapulted out of Clovenstone and Henwyn arrives to rescue a princess. During their adventure they meet a friendly giant, decidedly unfriendly trolls, damp drakes, boglins, and a horde of goblins led by King Knobbler of the frilly pink underpants. The princess turns out to be middle-aged and not wanting to be rescued. Henwyn is shocked to learn of his family inheritance and Skarper learns the meaning of friendship. This was a cute story that reminded me of "The Adventures of Jig the Goblin", a series by Jim Hines. Skarper was my favorite character. Who could help but like a goblin who loved to read? less
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An entertaining set of inerlinked adventures in a world with strangely few female characters.
Very surprised! Didn't know whether I'd like this or not, but it was quite brilliant.
Quite a droll tale!
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