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Love And Decay 2, Episode Two (2000)

by Rachel Higginson(Favorite Author)
4.66 of 5 Votes: 4
Love and Decay
review 1: This episode has a little bit of everything: humor, action, drama and even a little angst. It starts of fairly tame with Reagan assisting Harrison. Then, she gets injured in a stupid accident and things just go downhill from there for our poor heroine. Fighting with Hendrix, fending off zombies and the confirmation of Kane's survival. I absolutely love the dynamic between she and Kane in this episode and I'm really curious to see where the story is going next.** I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.
review 2: You know it is the little things that mess a relationship up. Like a deranged person targeting you because he is in love with you and keeping it to yourself. I mean along with the zombies we have people who kill other to be on
... more top and to have this nonexistent power. I don't understand how Reagan can justify her actions and how Hendrix becomes ok just because she has to not want to lay it on the line. But like I said in the beginning relationships are complicated and need complete honesty and truth. less
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So happy to be reading this series and reading about reagan and hendrix.
Another home run from rachel higginson
Another awesome read!
Love this series.
Effing Kane.
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