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Detective's Secret Daughter (2014)

by Rachelle McCalla(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 2
1283722909 (ISBN13: 9781283722902)
Love Inspired Suspense
Fitzgerald Bay
review 1: Third book in Fitzgerald Bay series. McCalla writes the middle brother, Owen, story. The book opens with hotel/cafe owner, Victoria Evans, running down the street after making a cookie delivery to her business. Her safe has been broken into and her 9 year old daughter has called the police. Owen Fitzgerald has come to check things out. He sees his girlfriend from high school and her daughter. Her daughter Paige has called the police. Owen interviews Paige and realizes that he is her father. Someone is trying to put Victoria out of business and this theft is the last straw.Owen tries to find the person responsible for all Victoria's problems and get to know his daughter. He and Victoria get back together in order to flush out whoever they think is behind all the mischief at... more the hotel.
review 2: This is the 3rd book in the Fitzgerald Bay series. I am liking it so far.I probably would have never started this series if I hadn't won the second book in the series in a first reads free giveaway. I am loving this series. I had it figured out who was terrorizing the Sugar Plum Cafe. I just can't seem to figure out who is trying to frame Charles for the murder. I think I might know but I guess I will have to wait and see or see if my idea changes. Looking forward to reading the other half of the series. Just wish I din't have to wait until June to do it when the last book comes out. less
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Another great read in this awesome series:) Can't wait to get to the rest!
Miniseries: Fitzgerald BayCategory: Inspirational Romance
DNF - just couldn't get into the secret baby plot
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