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The Secret Princess (2013)

by Rachelle McCalla(Favorite Author)
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0373829841 (ISBN13: 9780373829842)
Love Inspired
Protecting The Crown
review 1: This was probably the book about Lydia and the Crown that I enjoyed more than the others. While I am not a huge fan of novels about those who are royalty, or set in this time period (AD 802),the honor of Prince Luke and Evelyn was impressive. I appreciated their courage, Evelyn's refusal to divulge her true family line, and the efforts that Prince Luke and Evelyn went to in an effort to protect the kingdom of Lydia and how they worked together to protect Evelyn's brother, Bertie. More than a love story, it is a tale of people acting on their belief in God and protection of their loved ones and the kingdoms involved.
review 2: The fictional kingdom of Lydia has become real to me as I have experienced numerous characters, both from Love Inspired's Historical a
... morend Suspense lines. Rachelle McCalla tells a fast moving, sweet and ofttimes humorous story of life among the royals. In "The Secret Princess" we meet Evelyn and her brother Bertie who have traveled from the Holy Roman Empire to the kingdom next to Lydia to live with their grandfather. He's not a very loving grandfather though and they are living out their lives as his slaves, supposedly to pay for their father's debts.You can't help but love Prince Luke of Lydia who has spent much time thinking of a woman who saved his life. Everyone tries to convince him she's a figment of his imagination. He's starting to wonder if they might be right, until he catches sight of her in the forest one day. As he struggles with his feelings for her, he's a Prince after all and must marry a Princess, Evelyn struggles with her feelings knowing it can never be. Or can it?A very enjoyable story! I enjoyed this most recent journey to Lydia and look forward to my next journey there. less
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awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very interesting read. different from other books I've read
Miniseries: Protecting the Crown
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