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The Missing Monarch (Mills & Boon Love Inspired Suspense) (2012)

by Rachelle McCalla(Favorite Author)
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Mills & Boon Love Inspired Suspense
Reclaiming the Crown
review 1: *loved this series*My CommentsI was eager to get to this story and see how everything works out for this royal family I have come to love. At first, I wasn’t happy with Thad’s character at all. When Monica is forced to find him and explain to him what Octavian’s demanding, all Thad can think of is how this will affect him and his kingdom. Yes, his brother and sisters have taken risks and made sacrifices, but so has his wife and unexpected son. However, Thaddeus slowly comes to understand what these threats have done to his entire family and it was wonderful to see how this changes him into a better person. He realizes that it’s time to stop hiding and to face Octavian once and for all. Thaddeus has also turned his back on God after years of hiding out in isola... moretion, he figures God stopped hearing his cries a long time ago. He couldn’t be more wrong. He also believes that he should stop loving Monica because Octavian will use that love against him, even if that’s true, it’s not a valid reason to harden one’s heart. Thaddeus doesn’t realize that ultimately he was never alone, his family and God have fought beside him to restore justice and won’t rest until all has been resolved.So what does the heir to Lydia’s throne do once he sees his wife doesn’t hate him, his son yearns for him, that God is waiting with open arms, and that his kingdom needs him? He stops running and steps out in faith.There were two lines that utterly encouraged me in this book…“I’ve traveled too far to turn around now.”“When your brother and I were trudging through the desert without water, I thought we were going to die. I really did. But we kept walking anyway, and now we’re here, and we’re engaged.’ She squeezed the prince’s hand. ‘Sometimes what looks like the end is really just the beginning.’ Thad wasn’t sure what to make of her story. His brother met his eyes. ‘Soldier on.’”I was VERY satisfied with the conclusion of this series and even happier to learn there’s a fifth book to be releases on this series, soooo GREAT! Every part of the royal family is in this book and working together to bring Thaddeus to the throne and be reunited with his wife and child was such a great journey to read. I have loved this series and I truly enjoy McCalla’s writing style; her heart, her faith, and her humor are fused throughout these characters and every obstacle they overcome! Despite the evil tyrant who threatens them, even with all his power and resources he has nothing on this beloved family and the God that protects them. I highly recommend these books, they will definitely encourage and entertain you! Each of these books can be enjoyed as a standalone, but I recommend reading the entire series even if it’s out of order.Acknowledgements from the author: Special thanks to all my readers. If this is your first visit to Lydia, I pray you will love it enough to seek out the stories that have come before. And if you’ve stayed with these siblings through all the trials of their adventures, I pray you’ll find their journey an encouragement on your own.
review 2: So we finally get to learn about the Monarch and what lead him to disappearing years ago. And to learn that he had a wife and son was almost as shocking to me as having a son was shocking to him :) I love Rachelle McCalla's books. The characters are so real to life and the situations are always so real too. Anxious to see what she does with this new beginning since the end isn't always as it appears. Loved all the characters in this series. less
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This is the last in ther series "Reclaiming the Crown". Love them. Great read. Lots of action.
These books are just what I needed while I was sick. I wish I could visit Lydia.
Miniseries: Reclaiming the CrownCategory: Inspirational Romance
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