Hurricane Irma Reflection

When I first heard that Irma was going to come I didnt think it would hit. After a few days I started to get worried. We didnt really prepare for the hurricane we got the wood to cover our windows the day before the hurricane. We ended up not puting wood on the windows behind our house because we thought the winds would come form the other directon (we were wrong). I was really scared because our neighbors said that when hurricane Andrew came to Florida the houses roof went flying off.

The night before the hurricane it was starting to get rainy and very windy. We still had power though. I kept a flashlight in my nightstand just iun case the power would go off. Just like i thought when i woke up it was really hot in my house and there was no power. The sound of the wind sounded like a train passing by my house and it didnt really rain hard. We got really bored and there was nothing to do. We planed to go to my aunts house but we didnt so we left all the board games there. We found dominos and we played that. Midway thorugh like our 4th round my mom said that she felt cold. We got our power back! Two minutes after that the power went off again