Les Petites Vignettes

I love these little, round, mirrored trays to collect beautiful things on. I don’t know, they just seem to present them so well; like a gift beautifully wrapped.

An ‘Action’ store from Denmark has opened in our little part of France and it has lots of lovely things at very reasonable prices. My husband is already despairing. The car park is continually packed as we’re are not used to these kind of stores here and I’m finding that it’s replacing ‘Dunelm Mill’ as my place to go for nicnacs (I say replace, nothing really can replace Dunelm Mill. Sigh).

La Marraine has just been for a visit (miss her already) and we payed several trips in her six day stay.

I love the little display above and I have this one on the mantlepiece in our bedroom. You won’t  guess what’s in the lovey glassware…..but if you’re interested scroll down and I’ll tell you…

In the decanter there’s mouthwash (yes really – it’s why there’s a glass on the same tray), and in the large glass dish with the lid are my cod liver oil capsules. Who would ever have thought cod liver oil could be this glam?!

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