Missed Out On Noma? That’s OK, We Got All The Hygge At Home

dessert at Agern, in New York City

So, Noma’s original location has finally closed. If you’re like me, and have never had the extra cash to fly over to Copenhagen for one of these elusive reservations, Noma is meaningful mostly because of its wide span of influence around the globe. (If you aren’t well-versed in Redzepi and his influence, check out my review of the 2015 documentary about Noma, The Perfect Storm.)

Here in the U.S., young chefs who have staged at Noma–or one of Copenhagen’s similarly styled newer restaurants like Relae or Amass–are flexing their New Nordic muscles at their own restaurants, around the country. Until I can get myself over to Scandinavia for some hang time with Réné Redzepi and a glimpse of the Northern Lights (or to the Noma pop-up in Mexico?!?), I’m content to experience the cuisine and culture at any of these wonderful spots. I wrote about some aspects of New Nordic dining, and mentioned a couple places to try it, for Vogue.com–check it out here! With love and hygge, from me.


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