Second Sunday Series – May

So in honor of Mother’s Day (to all the mothers out there – hope you get as spoiled today as you deserve) I’m featuring a series written by an author that my mother & I both share as a favorite.

I stumbled across this because a coworker of mine is a big fan of the author, Tiffany Snow.  This book kept popping up in my recommended section on Kindle Unlimited but I just couldn’t commit because it was 5 full length novels & 2 novellas; I heard my coworker mention something about it one day in the break room and she convinced me that they were 150% worth the time.  I knew starting a new series would take up a lot of time, but all the books were published so I figured why not.

Honestly, I read a few chapters of the first book and I was hooked.  I literally could not stop reading them; and when Monday rolled around & I had to go back to work – I downloaded the audio books so that I could listen all day.  This series is what catapulted Tiffany Snow to the top of my list of authors to follow.  These books have romance, they have danger & action, they have suspense – there are just so many levels to the story that it is something that can be enjoyed by all readers — well, all adult readers because some scenes are NOT kid friendly