We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves By Karen Joy Fowler

I picked this book up due to a friend of mine telling me that it was a fantastic story, I put off reading it for months, eventually I gave in and read it. I must say I was very impressed.

From the beginning chapters this book drags you in. You want answers. What happened to Fern? Is she alive? Who was involved? It isn’t until the twist comes about one third into the book where you are left going “WTF? did I read the correctly” (I won’t even hint at the twist as I feel it makes the book.) Once the twist has been reviled, you have to read on. You need to know what happens, you need to know if Rosemary Cooke is ever reunited/receives closure with Fern.

To add to the drama, Rosemary’s older brother is a fugitive on the run from the FBI, and her once lively mother, is a shell of her former self.

Rosemary faces many challenges when it comes to finding answers. You MUST read this book. I can see why it was nominated for the Man Booker Price in 2014 ( as well as string of other acclaimed award nominations.)

The book sends you through numerous emotions including humor, wit, love and heartbreak. I would consider it an easy to read book too, which I sometimes purposely venture out to find one, as I do not need to use neuron surgeon concentration just to grasp the story. This book is an INTERESTING read.

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves is a book like no other in my option. There are a lot of books that run with the same storyline and twists, but this one is completely left of field. I highly recommend picking it up giving it a go.

I now plan on reading a few more books by Karen Joy Fowler in the near future, as her writing style seems to be so beautiful and elegant, enchanting and relatable.

Have you read this book? Or any other of Karen’s books? If so, please leave a comment below!

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